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Travel Healthy

by Natahlie
April 30, 2017 / 0 comments


Travel Happy and Healthy

The world has become so small that traveling is very common for many people. Many have to travel in order to see their families, others travel for work. I personally also travel a lot! Firstly, I live in Tel Aviv and my parents live in Germany. That means for me, that I travel at least once a month to Germany. Also, my work is in Germany so when I come, that means extra traveling within Germany. My brother lives in New York and we are very close so I never miss an opportunity to see him and let’s be honest New York is also an amazing destination.

Don’t get me wrong I’m so grateful and privileged to be able to fly around and experience so many different things but like everything in life it also has some downturns.  Spending so much time on the plane can be very tiring. Especially staying healthy on a trip might be a challenge for many. Also I had to figure out a way to arrive at my destination nourished and at least as rested as possible in order to be energised to go to my meetings.

Since I started bringing my own food to trips, my travel experience is nothing like it used to be. I realised with healthy and delicious food and some tricks I arrive so much more refreshed, rested and feel better overall instead of depending on pre-cooked airplane food.


When thinking about bringing your own food, many feel uncomfortable unpacking their own food in the plane or think that it’s such a hustle to carry and prepare it. There are lots of great ways though to bring your own food with that is yummy, filling and will look so good even your neighbour will get jealous!

Here are my tips and tricks that will make your travel experience tastier and healthier.

A little prep goes a long way

Make sure you pack a nutritious meal the day before you travel.

In general, I prepare a small meal the day before a travel and according to daytime and duration of the flight. For morning flights I love to bring a fruit like an apple and a delicious home made muffin. One of my favourites is the zucchini coconut muffins from my book, Happy Healthy Food. Just keep in mind – don’t bring any food that is liquid. For afternoon or evening flights, a fresh salad is my saviour! It’s so much better than any finished foods. At the end you just really know what you put into your body when you make it yourself (I say that so often but it’s really true). One of my favourite salads to bring is my mango millet salad from my book or my Israeli Quinoa Salad packed into a little plastic box and seasoned with some salt and high quality olive oil. Oh and don’t forget some wooden or plastic cutlery or just pop into a little Cafe before the flight and get some there or even ask in the plane. If you prepare the salad the day before, store it in it in the fridge and don’t make it too much in the advance. If you have histamine intolerance, cooked grains should be consumed within 12-24 h.

These little meals keep me happy and satisfied on my trip!

Snack Away!

Snacks are super essential when I travel, especially on long flight. I’m generally a huge fan of snacks, as they get me through busy days without any sugar cravings or binge eating in the evening. Why should that be any different when I travel?! There is nothing more annoying than sitting in the plane for hours and being hungry. Therefore I always make sure to bring enough snacks. If you do have time to make something, I love my blueberry bars from my book or my blueberry and oat cookies. If you don’t have time to prepare anything, get some veggie chips, rice crackers or fresh fruit.


Stay Hydrated!

Drinking lots of water is key everyday but especially when you are traveling. The air in the plane is super dry which you need to compensate with a lot of fluids as a lack of moist in your body can cause digestive problems when you arrive and dry skin and pimples. I always buy at least 1L of water before boarding and drink everything before I arrive. The reason I buy my water is so I always have water available when I want and I don’t need to wait for the stewardess. The other reason is that with my own bottle I can keep track on how much I actually drink. If you finish your water or are on a long flight just ask for a refill in the plane. Drinking lots of water helps you to flush out all the toxins and arrive at your destination with clear skin!

Have a safe and healthy trip!


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