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Say Yes to New Adventures

by Natahlie
December 29, 2017 / 0 comments

Am I the only one who feels that the time flew by extremely quickly?! I can’t believe that 2017 is over because it has been such an important and special year to me. At the same time, I know that 2018 will be even more amazing. But first, let’s take a look back.

What happened?

When I first tried to think what has happened this year, I had to go back in my pictures because I couldn’t even process all of it. It surely has been an exciting year and the first year, Nathalie’s Cuisine really has been born.

In a nutshell:

My book, Happy Healthy Food was published, which was a huge milestone for me and I’m still overwhelmed by all the amazing responses. I received and still am receiving countless pictures, messages and tags of my book and my recipes being made by you and that honestly has been the most incredible journey.

Following the release of my book, I went on a press tour throughout Germany with numerous interviews (see some on my press here) as well as radio shows. It has been an amazing experience, including some exhausting travel days, lonely nights in hotels in cities I have never been in but at the same time allowed me to meet so many incredible people.

I also had my first appearances including TV, Live Cooking Shows and Events such as in the Soho House in Berlin. It was always so amazing to meet so many of you in person.

I started my first collaborations, walked my first red carpet, relaunched my website and my first own cooking event, travelled to places I’ve never been before, learned so much and grew as a person.

It surely has been an exciting year with lots of firsts, ups and downs, laughter and tears, discussions and agreements and most importantly with incredible people around me.

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I really can’t wait for the year 2018! I honestly don’t know what will happen exactly but I know that I will do whatever it takes to help as many people as possible and spread the Nathalie’s Cuisine message even more. I want to offer you so much more!

There are already many things cooking at the Nathalie’s Cuisine offices but I can’t talk about all of them. There are a few things I can already tell you though.

In January I will start my own cooking events, where you can attend. The first event will take place 27th January in Munich and you can get your tickets here. We will spend an intimate afternoon filled with cooking, conversations, amazing food, goodie bags and surprises, so don’t miss out!

You can also meet me at the ISPO in Munich on 29th January and 31st January.

I will also be in Hamburg on 25th March at the Alstertal Einkaufszentrum for the whole afternoon to host a very special event for you.

I will keep you posted on any news as soon as I can:)

Thank YOU!

Time to say thank you because I’ve never been as grateful as I am this year. Without you Nathalie’s Cuisine would not exist and I’m so grateful for all the love and support I receive. I don’t know what else to say but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!



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