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My Workout Routine

by Natahlie
July 13, 2020 / 0 comments

I love to move my body! Sometimes I show you some of my workouts on my social media accounts and I always get asked the same questions so I thought it would be a great idea to put together this Blog entry and answer your most asked questions. How many times do I workout every week? What workouts do I do? Can you workout when you have a histamine intolerance? Which home workouts can I recommend?

Generally speaking, I workout to move my body, not to burn calories. It’s important to know that moving your body gently everyday is more healthy and effective than burning yourself out once a week.

That’s why I try to move my body in some way every day. What that movement looks like totally depends on how I feel that day. I adapt the workout to my wellbeing not the other way around. I find it super important to listen to my body, which feels different everyday. I do what is fun and makes me feel good. Otherwise, what’s the point?! If I feel like Cardio, HIIT, or to dance it out, I go for it! If I feel a bit more tired or have my period, I take it easy, go for a walk or do some stretching. I try to move my body in some way everyday for 30-60 min.

Everything is better than nothing

I always say, any movement is better than just sitting all day! On days where I feel tired or have no time I still try to move my body even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking a bit further away to walk a bit or even take the bicycle. Every movement is better than none. No matter the intensity or duration!

Working out and histamine intolerance?!

That is a bit of a tricky one. Our body constantly releases histamines but if we exhaust our body too much like with intensive workouts or lack of sleep it releases even more histamines. If you don’t have a histamine intolerance it’s all good. If you do, your body is not able to break down the overflow of histamines in your body and you might experience some symptoms such as exhaustion, dizziness, bloating or cramps. That’s why when I was diagnosed with my histamine intolerance I changed my whole workout routine. Instead of cardio and HIIT workouts I went a more gentle way, which made me feel so amazing. I started to walk more, do Yoga and Pilates and generally more low impact movements. And let me just tell you, these low impact movements are no joke and keep you also super fit and healthy. Now that I managed to heal my intolerances I have no problem with jumping around and do cardio workouts. It’s so important to check in with you body and do what feels good to you!

Home Workouts

Since Corona and quarantine I discovered my love for home workouts. Before Corona I would go to the pilates studio or jog outside. At the moment I only do home workouts and go for a jog/walk. I just find home workouts so fun. There is such a huge variety and offerings  for a very low cost or even for free! Home workouts are also super time effective since there is no time lost in going somewhere. Not everybody likes to workout at home. I totally get that some people need to go somewhere in order to be motivated but since I have so much fun with these workouts I don’t need any extra motivation. Also, I love that I can choose everyday what I feel like, depending on my mood and wellbeing. I put together a list of my favourite home workout platforms for you. I didn’t add the links since this is not an ad but just a personal recommendation. You can just pop in the names into your Instagram or Google and you will find them immediately. I always like to switch between the workouts so it never gets boring. Maybe you find something you like:) . There surely is something for everybody. From Cardio, Dance and Squats to low impact, Pilates, Yoga and stretching.

  • Meghan Roup (The Sculp Society)
  • Melissa Wood Health
  • Simone de la rue (body by simone)
  • Popsugar Fitness
  • Blogilates
  • Fitness Blender
  • Boho Beautiful
  • Heather Robertson
  • Mad Fit
  • Pamela Reif
  • Fitness Marshall

I hope I could answer some of your questions and could give you some tips. If you have any more questions or can recommend another home workout, write me in the comments!

Enjoy and keep moving!


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