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My Top Grocery Shopping Tips

by Natahlie
June 25, 2020 / 0 comments

For some people grocery shopping is fun, for others its an annoying chore. I personally love it but regardless what kind of grocery shopper you are, there are so many traps in the aisles making us think that some ingredients are healthy when they are not. Therefore, I put together some helpful tips to shop smart and healthy!

  1. Make a list!

The smartest and most efficient way to shop is to prepare a shopping list. Ideally you take a few minutes out of your weekend and plan some meals ahead. This way you only buy what you really need, without getting tempted with other products. You save money, time and won’t forget anything. I can tell you that without exception, I ALWAYS forget to buy something when I didn’t make a list thinking I would remember haha.

2. Read the ingredients not the label!

Labels usually try to distract and make us buy something that seems to be healthy but is actually not. The label ” sugarfree” for example sounds tempting but when reading all the ingredients and additives, which are being used to replace the sugar it might not be healthier at all. My tip is, buy products with the minimum amount of ingredients. Instead of attractive labels, buy smart such as natural nut butter, pure fruits spreads and ideally 90% fruits and veggies instead of finished products at all!

3. Don’t go hungry!

One of the most important tips in order to avoid unnecessary purchases or marketing traps in never to go grocery shopping hungry. When we are hungry we are so much more vulnerable to foods we would usually not buy. So make sure you are satisfied when you buy groceries, which helps to stay on a healthy path.

4. Don’t buy finished, what you can make yourself!

Sometimes we are tempted to buy finished pestos, spreads and sauces thinking nothing unhealthy can be inside. Therefore, it’s so important to read labels and you will realise quickly how many additives and sugar is hidden in most of them. Instead of spending lots of money on finished products, make them yourself! I have the easiest recipes for any food for you. Sauces, breads, crackers, snack, there is something for any need. Of course, it’s a commitment to make your own food and it takes more time then buying a finished products but just by investing an hour of your weekend into a good weekend prep you can live healthier, smarter and more cost effective!

5. Shop the perimeter of the shop first!

In my Marketing studies, I also had a course called consumer behaviour. In this class, I learned that the way a supermarket is constructed is not a coincidence. Shop the outmost areas of a supermarket first as these are the areas where you can find the most important foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy proteins. In the middle aisles we can find the sweets, canned foods and sodas.

Happy shopping lovelies!





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