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My Tel Aviv Guide

by Natahlie
May 16, 2019 / 0 comments

Shalom lovelies,

By now most of you know that I live in Tel Aviv and I receive so many messages from you daily, asking for some insider tips. Therefore, I decided it was high time to put together my hot spot cafes and restaurants as well as my tips on what to get and try at the local market.

Food plays a huge role in the Israeli culture. The country is only 70 years young but already developed its own cuisine in my opinion. I would describe it as a mix of oriental meets Mediterranean food. Since all the people in Israel are originally from all over the world such as Russia, Irak, France, Egypt, Germany… there is a unique mix of flavour in all the dishes which is incredible and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else in the world.

Let’s have a look at my hot spots! I put together a mix of cafes and restaurants scattered all over the city so I recommend you to google whichever sounds interesting to you and see where it’s exactly located. There are so unbelievably many places in Tel Aviv that its hard to decide and I can assure you, wherever you end up eating, if its a street cafe or a high end restaurant, you will love it either way. Bottom line, the food is just incredible and you will find super delicious options with or without intolerances.

Small note for those with allergies or intolerances, restaurants are generally very nice and open minded when it comes to that. Just ask for more details or changes and it shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t be shy and make sure to say you have allergies to avoid any reactions. To be sure, no matter where I am in the world, I always have and take Daosin, lactase and antihistamine when I eat out, just to be on the super safe side!

I also wrote a whole book about my life in Tel Aviv and over 140 recipes that are inspired from the Israeli Cuisine. Unfortunately the book is only available in German but you are welcome to email my publisher to see if it can be translated:)

  • Casino San Remo (my latest discovery in Jaffa. Super cute to sit and really delicious food. I ordered an incredible green lemonade and a salad for lunch)
  • Gemma (an Italian place with a nice atmosphere. It’s right next to Casino San Remo. Fun place for lunch and dinner)
  • Ramesses (amazing atmosphere in the heart of Jaffa. They have live Djs several nights a week and Friday during the day. Love to go any night of the week or Friday for lunch when its really buzzing. I love to have all the veggies or if you want they also have great fish and meat skewers)
  • Port said (one of my all time favourites, located right next to a big synagogue, they don’t take reservations but the waiting is so worth it! Its by the famous chef Eyal Shani.  Amazing options, amazing food, amazing atmosphere. Really one of a kind and not to miss when you are in Tel Aviv)
  • Social club ( brasserie like restaurant with lots of ambience and great food. A bit nicer compared to the more casual places in Tel Aviv. Love to go there!)
  • Abraxas (from the famous chef Eyal Shani again but a little more high end. If you are a couple sit at the bar is a great experience or sit outside but not upstairs. Order the cauliflower and the string beans they are life changing!)
  • Dok (a super small place in the heart of Tel Aviv. There are so many amazing options its hard to decide! Its an incredible place really embracing Israeli cuisine)
  • Kalamata (a secret spot in the old city of Jaffa all the way to the top. Most incredible location high over the sea. Only go for lunch to really enjoy the view. Its greek food, super fresh and delicious)
  • Claro (more high end but super nice restaurant in Sarona, an area worth a visit. They have an open kitchen and really nice fresh food such as salads, fish and meat)
  • Bana (great lunch spot for veggie lovers right next to Rothschild boulevard, my favourite street in Tel Aviv)
  • Machne Yehuda (an amazing experience when you spend the day in Jerusalem and have time for a detour. Great for lunch and dinner and an amazing experience with Israeli music and dancing waiters. Make sure to stroll around the Machne Yehuda Market for a stroll after lunch)
  • Anita (the best ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt in the world! So many flavours and located in my favourite area, Neve Tzedek. A must after the beach or for dessert after dinner. I always get the coconut sorbet)
  • Pua (in the heart of Jaffa Fleamarket an authentic cafe where every chair and plate is different. It looks like in grandmothers cupboard and offers lots of great lunch options such as salads and sandwiches)

If you are looking for more insider tips I can totally recommend this website

You have seen me going to the market plenty of times in my instagram stories and even if you haven’t you can imagine they are so fun and full of delicious fresh fruits, veggies and local delicacies. I surely recommend visiting one and here are some ideas on what you can and should try or even buy when you have intolerances.

Markets (Shuk Hacarmel, Shuk Hanamal, Machne Yehuda)

  • Fresh juices (pomegranate, carrot…)
  • Fresh fruits ( melon, watermelon, peach, apricot…)
  • Dried fruits especially Medjool dates
  • Spices (such as Zaatar)

I hope this was useful for you and that you will enjoy my favourite places in Tel Aviv.


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