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How to stay healthy over the holiday season? – My top 10 Tips

by Natahlie
December 2, 2017 / 0 comments

Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited!  Christmas and Chanukka are already knocking on the door, closely followed by New Year’s Eve! The Christmas bakery is officially open and the first parties are already taking place. With all the parties and dinner invitation it’s a challenge for everybody to stay healthy. We all just want to eat all the good Christmas goodies, drink and enjoy. I put together some tips on how I get through the holiday season without compromising your wellbeing nor your party spirit. With or without food intolerances, you don’t want to miss this!


1. Treat yourself, in moderation

Even though I make and post Christmas cookies, cakes and all kinds of sweet treats, it’s all about enjoying this deliciousness in moderation. I don’t believe in depriving yourself. Indulging on a piece of cake or cookie is healthy, eating a whole batch or the whole cake is not! Also, instead of indulging on the obvious “unhealthy” sweets try to substitute them with a healthy and super yummy homemade alternative. Only because it’s holiday season we should not throw our health over board. Instead of buying packaged sweets bake some healthy treats yourself. I love making my favourite apple crumble with vanilla sauce, my gooey gingerbread cookies and my pound cake , stay tuned for many more to come;)

2. Stay active

It’s colder outside so getting yourself out for a run is so much harder than in the summer. Siting by the fireplace and enjoying a hot cocoa or turmeric latte is obviously so much more convenient. First of all what always gives me motivation to run is getting some nice and warm running equipment. Today, almost every brand has an active collection that is not very expensive and makes running so much more fun! If you are not in the running mode, don’t force yourself. There are so many options on what you can do instead! Whether it’s a 30 min walk, a gym class or some Yoga or Pilates at home using some videos on Youtube, I always say, everything is better than just sitting all day. Lately, my favourite workout is running and a high intensity class with lots of boxing sessions in between.


3. Drink your natural proteins

Having a Hemp Protein Shake with coconut milk everyday really makes the difference for me, especially in the winter when having a hot cocoa is so tempting. Hemp is so healthy and has a high protein content, which keeps you satisfied and from craving any sugar.

4. Healthy snacking

Have a healthy snack! Instead of starving and overeating on fat foods, make yourself a healthy snack such as my raw granola bar. If you are invited to a party bring something that is healthy. You can inspire others and make sure you have something healthy to snack on.

5. Stay hydrated

In the winter we naturally sweat less and might have less of a conscious need to drink water. That doesn’t mean it’s still essential to be healthy. In the winter the air is much drier so to keep your skin soft and moist as well as your metabolism on track it’s essential to drink a lot of water! If you need something warm, try having some hot water with fresh ginger and honey or a fresh mint tea, which is my personal favourite.

6. Rest

Tiredness makes us crave sugar to stay awake. Instead of falling into this trap make sure you get enough rest. Most people have hectic days and don’t get 8 hours a night sleep. If that’s the case, try take 30 min a day to calm down and rest. Whether that means sleeping or just taking time for yourself to meditate or do some breathing exercises. You will feel the difference and have more energy for the rest of the day.

7. Eat before going to a party

I feel this is really one of the most essential tips, especially for people with food intolerances. You don’t want to end up eating an unhealthy , or worse, food you are intolerant to. Also, you don’t want to end up binge eating because you arrived to the party super hungry. An hour or two before a party I make sure to have a small soup, salad or at least an apple if I’m really in a rush.


8. Eat when you’re hungry

It takes a long time to really feel and really understand the difference between a craving and being hungry and between being satisfied and overeating. Having the conscious to really listen to how you feel is a great start. Take your time when eating and have a glass of water before every meal. Sometimes you might not be hungry, but thirsty! Don’t deprive yourself from eating though. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Skill comes with practice ;).

9. Stick with “clear” alcohol

Those that don’t like drinking have a clear advantage over the holidays. With all the parties and dinners it’s hard not to have a drink sometimes. Choose a “healthy” alternative, which are clear spirits such as vodka. Have a vodka with soda water and lime instead of the sugary cocktails. It will save you lots of empty calories and stomach pains for those with intolerances. Also, sugary drinks will make you crave even more sugar, which doesn’t doesn’t help if you want to stay healthy over the holidays.

10. Don’t be too strict on yourself and enjoy the holidays 😉

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