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Exercise? – My top tips on how you can motivate yourself

by Natahlie
February 16, 2018 / 0 comments

“Be a badass with a good ass”

Working out is hard! It’s no coincidence that it has the word “work” in it. Even though I do like sports and working out, I surely know the feeling too well to rather hit the snooze bottom in the morning or grab a drink after work or watch my favourite Netflix show instead of hitting the gym. Most of the time, getting yourself motivated to workout is harder than the workout itself.

Sometimes it’s just not enough, to take your gym clothes to work or set your alarm early. I share with you top tips, how I motivate myself to work out regularly.

Also, remember that it’s less about the intensity or the workout but rather about the continuity. Instead of going for a 2 hour run once a week, do a 30 minute workout 4 times a week. That’s much more effective and healthy for your body.

I also recommend not to be too hard on yourself. Skipping a fitness session on occasion is super ok. What’s most important is to listen and feel your body. Sometimes an extra day off may help you regain your energy to work out even better next time.

  1. Get some nice gym clothes and use them!

When you feel comfortable you feel confident. With comfortable I don’t mean using your sleeping t-shirts as gym clothes. There needs to be a clear difference between the clothes you wear when chilling at home and working out. Otherwise, it’s just too tempting to put on comfy clothes and just go to bed. There are so many brands that offer amazing gym wear at a low cost, which makes sweating look a lot more attractive than in your oversized t-shirt from your boyfriend. Second of all, don’t store your workout clothes in the back of your closet but actually wear them. Putting on your gym clothes is already half of the challenge now you just have to get up and move!

  1. Do what you love

Every person is different. Therefore, I feel there is no general rule to which workout is the best. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. Some people love weights, others love running, Zumba, kickboxing, cycling, yoga or pilates. Find two or three workouts you love and mix it up. If you keep doing the same exercises your body will get used to it and it becomes less effective. Trying new things is fun and keeps challenging your body.

  1. Exercise with a friend

“Shared suffering is half suffering” is a typical saying and is so true. Find a friend who is motivated to workout and has discipline. This will help you not to miss a workout. Also, the time passes so much faster when you have a friend that can cheer you on or you might compete with in a friendly way.

  1. Remember the workout “high”

Exercise releases a chemical called endorphins. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling, which is why many sports people talk about the “runner’s high”. Exercise can reduce stress, increase self-esteem and improve sleep.

  1. The perfect playlist

For me, a crucial part to workout well is good music. It gives me so much motivation and energy that I immediately start moving. Get yourself some good earplugs and run off into your own little world. Listening to music really helps me to shut down my thoughts and just be in the moment. Doing a workout is time for me to not think about anything and just be.

  1. Get the perfect pre and post workout snack

What you eat before and after a workout really affects your energy level and how you feel. Eat a small snack an hour before working out to get your energy level up! I love some energy balls or homemade granola bars. Eat high protein foods such as chicken, quinoa and lots of veggies after working out. Eating healthy is even more important than working out in order to stay fit and healthy. Here you can read more about my pre and post workout snacks.

  1. Plan your workout schedule in advance

At last, my most valuable tip, which almost always works for me is to plan my workout schedule in advance. Take a few minutes on Sunday evening and sign up for the classes you want to join the upcoming week. Once the schedule is in my calendar I can mentally prepare for it, which makes it so much easier to actually go. What works even better, is signing up for your class online and pay for it in advance. That way you literally lose money by not going.

Happy Healthy Workout!




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