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Snicker Balls

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by Nathalie
Step by step recipe - 20 Min
October 4, 2020

Warning! This recipe is not suitable if you have a histamine intolerance. You can still make a similar recipe!  My suggestion if you are affected with a low tolerance for histamine you can do the following:

Exchange peanuts with almonds, leave out the cacao, use almond butter or tigernut cream instead of peanut butter and use white vegan chocolate instead of dark chocolate:)


Serves 15 snicker balls
Cooks in 20 Minutes
Difficulty Easy


10 Medjool Dates, pitted
30g cacao powder
160g peanuts
15tsp peanut butter
50g melted chocolate


Place the peanuts into a food processor or a high speed mixer and crush them roughly. Add the dates and cacao and mix until you have a dough. Take 1tbsp of dough and flatten it into a round shape with your hands. Add 1tsp of peanut butter in the middle and fold it into a ball. Roll a bit until you have the desired shape and place on to a plate. Repeat the process until you have about 15 balls. Pour the melted chocolate evenly on top and place into the fridge until the chocolate hardens. Cover up the plate to store or put the snicker balls into an airtight container.


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